For purchasing, evaluation and positioning of automotives:

• Professional Automotive Commerce
• Remarketing for Fleets
• Value estimation for Assessors and Experts
• Market-Analysis for Car-Manufacturers<

Automotive Commerce


Find the best deals

Finding the best deals is crucial for your business

AutoBINGOOO helps you find these deals, providing the most and best offers available. Through detailed, systematic and permanent search you will be able to find any bargain! With our mobile app in addition, you stay informed underway.

Sales Improvement

Also when selling, the right price can decide a deal.

AutoBINGOOO provides you with the unbiased and newest data of the markets, so you can set the right price. This allows you to maximize your chances of providing the best offers and always being up to date. 

Competition Analysis

What is my competition offering?

With AutoBINGOOO you can download all offers by your competition and analyse what you received. Be informed when your prices are higher than these of your competition. Just compare them directly and know your price-positioning.

AutoBINGOOO - for Purchasing, Pricing and Inventory Valuation


Unbiased data about the used car-market is essential for your decision-making.


Already when purchasing your fleet, AutoBINGOOO uses available data regarding transhippig rates and quantities to predict the resale value at a given time. 

Evaluation and Residual Values

With AutoBINGOOO you possess the latest values for your complete inventory. Automated and transparent.


Find the best markets to sell your products by providing the best prices. Simply monitor the development of prices of your chosen car-models in the markets you chose. 

AutoBINGOOO for Purchasing, Analyses and Remarketing

Assessors and Experts

Determining replacement costs and their documentation are essential to your business.

Replacement Values

AutoBINGOOO can easily find benchmark vehicles to support residual value calculations


With a few easy clicks AutoBINGOOO creates a PDF file with your selection of comparable vehicles to provide you with additional confidence during client meetings or possible litigations. 


AutoBINGOOO - for Residual Value Analysis


Find the newest information about the used car-market, also in regard to your competition

Used Car-Market

Only AutoBINGOOO can provide you with such detailed information about the quantities, prices and attributes in regional, national and international markets. 

Compare Car-Manufacturers

For the comparison of car-manufacturers you have the possibility to limit your search to diverse attributes, such as brands, models, prices, regions and other details you can imagine.

Special Information

AutoBINGOOO provides the possibility to analyse your own and your competitor's inventory cycles, offers and more. These can then be sorted accordingly, depending on your selected criteria. Every search can be tailored to your commands for every country you need. 

AutoBINGOOO - for your Analysis