How does AutoBINGOOO work?

You start with one or more search requests and AutoBINGOOO automatically scans 66 online-portals as frequently as you wish. With us you save a lot of work and you will find any vehicle guaranteed.

By knowing the current market prices you have a sufficient overview for you purchase and sales.
AutoBINGOOO created a software technology that possesses the ability to read all the offers from the online portals.
All these portals are read simultaneously, which effectively provides you not only with the newest but also most offers.
Once all offers are gathered, they are analysed, processed and complemented with additional relevant information. 
Automotives offered on multiple portals are recognized and all dublicates are deleted. 
Additionally AutoBINGOOO provides a precise estimate of exactly how long an offer exists, being resistent to tricks by automotive-dealers manipulating these values. 
All other information that could be relevant are saved and are available upon request.

What kind of licenses does AutoBINGOOO provide?

AutoBINGOOO offers monthly and yearly licenses. One yearly licenses costs as much as 10 monthly licenses, saving you the costs of two monthly licenses.


Do I have to oblige to a contractual commitment?

No. You buy a license which automatically ends after the time you have paid for. Subsequently you can decide if you want to acquire a new license or not. Therefor no termination of any contract is necessary. 

Which operating systems are compatible with AutoBINGOOO?


AutoBINGOOO is an application that is installed on your PC or Mac.

It is supported by Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP, Mac OS X from 10.9

The mobile application AutoBINGOOO mobile App is available on iOS and Android, to which your desktop programm sends all offers searched for on your home computer. It is of most importance to understand that the mobile application does only work if you have valid AutoBINGOOO plus or AutoBINGOOO pro license for your desktop computer.

How to install AutoBINGOOO on your PC


- Check your System requirements
- Download the AutoBINGOOO software on your PC
- In the file-download page, click on "confirm"
- Accept the publisher (BINGOOO) and click on "confirm"
- Follow the installation manual in the setup programm
- Start AutoBINGOOO
- Test our software 7 days for free without any binding agreement



How do I optimize the search-engine regarding speed?

Make sure you have a fast internet connection (idealy DSL 16 MBit or faster) and configure your anti-virus software, so that AutoBINGOOO is not affected by it. Also do not create too many search requests that permanently refresh simultaneously. Depending your internet bandwidth, we advise to not have more than 5-20 search requests with the "permanent" refresh setting. 

Calling per mouse click does not work. What do do now?

 When it comes to telephone services, AutoBINGOOO abides operating system standards. We support multiple settings for you telephone which you can change in the settings. For phones from the pre-smartphone-era and cheaper models the PC-Software by the phone company is required, which should allow for the required connection.

For smartphones supporting Android, there is a Dialer-App available. Within the AutoBINGOOO mobile app, the call option is also directly available.

BINGOOO does not search certain automobile platforms

If you have set up a search request and one of the portals seems to be ignored, one of the search criteria is most likely not compatible with that portal. If this should not be the case, please contact our support (Link!).

I cannot find my own quotes

Given the correct settings, we expect our software to find every single inserted car.

In case there is no technical error (in which case you should please contact us), one of the following reasons might cause your quote not to show up in the findings:


- There are too many results. Due to performance reasons, the number of results per portal is limited (always to the newest offers).

- The quote has not yet been approved by the portal.

- The insertion does not match with the search criteria (e.g. „only private“, category or features to not align).

The stated distance to a car dealership is incorrect

AutoBINGOOO always calculates the distance as the crow flies. The actual driving distance may vary significantly. If no result is shown in the column, please type in your firm’s country of residence and zip code under the settings tab. The distance will then be calculated from your firm’s zip code. 

How can I pay?

You can buy a license from our online store with PayPal und ClickandBuy. The services offered by the above mentioned providers may vary, depending on your chosen service. We do not have any influence on the payment methods available to you through third-party payment providers like PayPal.

If you do not wish to use these services, direct debit is possible as well. Please contact our support if you wish to pay via direct debit. 

Which virtual interfaces does AutoBINGOOO pro support?

The quotes can be imported as cars to the parking spot of AutoBINGOOO Pro. 

It is possible to import your quotes from in-house systems like DATAutoProWebCarPresenter, or other systems.

As a further interface, STX3 can be used with AutoBINGOOO Pro.

Is there a version of AutoBINGOOO for other operating systems besides Windows?

We also offer AutoBINGOOO for Mac OSX


We do not offer an explicit version for Linux, however a Win32-version should run on a Linux computer through Windows-emulation.

We cannot offer support for this option. 

What are the system requirements for Mac?

  • Mac with OSX version 10.11 or higher
  • Fast Internet connection
  • Recommended min. 2 GB RAM and 1 GB free hard disk storage

What are the system requirements for Windows?

  • PC with Windows 8, 7, XP
  • Fast Internet connection
  • Recommended min. 2 GB RAM and 1 GB free hard disk storage

For server versions please contact our support.

What are the system requirements for smartphones?

AutoBINGOOO mobile for iPhone and iPad runs on iOS version 7.1 or higher.

AutoBINGOOO mobile for Android devices runs on Android version 2.3 or higher. 

My CPU and/or memory usage is high when BINGOOO searches online

A certain degree of capacity utilisation is perfectly normal, since our software is working permanently for you.

However, certain antivirus software scans your internet traffic quite excessively, including the online activities of your used software. This often impedes the PC capacities unnecessarily.

Set an application rule in your antivirus software (name may vary for different antivirus software) for BINGOOO, which excludes the online traffic control of BINGOOO. Changing the default setting for BINGOOO to a „trustworthy application“ is often not sufficient to solve the problem.

BINGOOO does not open the browser or opens the wrong one

AutoBINGOOO always uses the predefined Windows default browser

If you deinstalled or reinstalled a browser, there might not be a set default browser. Define a new default browser by selecting your preferred browser with the "Set Program Access and Defaults" feature on your Windows PC.